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Tina's Vodka is an official partner

with Kiss the Ground.  


I was so inspired by the

film Kiss the Ground (a must see!)

that I will donate a portion of sales

to farmers returning to

regenerative agriculture.  

This way of farming naturally pulls

the CO2 back into the soil

and aligns with the wisdom

of Planet Earth.  I would love to buy  farmers no till-plows.

We start with the Earth

and give back to the Earth 

Α and Ω 

The film will leave you optimistic about our planet.  We can turn it back into the Garden of Eden.

Spraying pesticides such as glyphosate onto crops is terrible for your body and the soil.  In fact, the GMO corn's DNA was was specifically altered so the corn could accept and grow with the pesticides as

it matures from seed to crop.  These pesticides would kill natural, organic corn.  Read the facts here.


Why drink a vodka whose essence

was fermented and distilled

with pesticide laden GMO-corn

when you can drink Tina's Vodka

made from Planet Earth's

Organic, Non-GMO corn that's

free from that nonsense?  Vodka was originally created for medicinal purposes and GMOs have no business in your

food and cocktails.

It's not just vodka, it's your body.  Give it the best! 

You'll taste and feel the difference in Tina's Vodka.